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Southern Maryland
Premier Handgun Dealer

We stock a wide selection of Handguns in every caliber.
We carry Semi-Automatic, Revolvers, Single Shot,
Double Action, Break Barel & Over/Under Handguns.

We have Handguns from various manufactuers
including but not limited to Glock, Smith & Wesson,
Taurus, Beretta, Springfield, Walther, Sigarms, Ruger,
Rossi, Kimber, High Point, Colt, Bersa, & Bond Arms.

We also buy and sell used Handguns.

We are a Licensed FFL Dealer. We can transfer guns
from other FFL Dealer gun shops for a Transfer Fee.
Please Call For Details.

If you are not sure what kind of gun you want or which
handgun is right for you and your needs our top notch gun
counter staff can help you make a informed and knowledgeable
decision to which gun fits you & your shooting needs.

Shooting and range accessories are also available.
We sell shooting permits to Myrtle grove in Laplata MD.

*The paperwork process for a handgun takes
aprox 7-14 Business Days.

We Buy and Sell Both New & Used Handguns.


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of page for details

Fred's Sports
& Furniture
Receive 1.75%
rebates on all
your purchases
(given quarterly)





Certain of our customers have expressed concern with our practice of maintaining a
regulated ammunition log. We are sending this letter to explain the purpose of the log
and our decision to cooperate with the police to collect data for the log.

The Maryland State Police and the P.G. County Police use the data from the
ammunition log to apprehend repeat felony offenders who are not allowed to legally
own a gun. To my knowledge, this program has been successful in keeping guns out
of the hands of those not allowed to own them. We at Fred's Sports & Furniture do
not condone criminal activity and do not wish to support it. We hope our customers
feel the same way.

We also support the right of law-abiding citizens to own guns and feel that there is
no need for further gun control regulations. It is our hope that our elected officials
recognize that imposing more gun regulations hinders only the law-abiding citizen.
Criminals, by their very nature, will have guns illegally because they make a conscious
decision not to abide by the law.

We understand gun enthusiasts' concerns about collecting any data on ammunition
sales, and we promise to make every effort to ensure that the data we maintain in
our log will not be used by the government to unfairly regulate or curtail ammunition

If you have been harassed by the state without just cause based on your ammunition
purchases at our store, please let us know. We will use any such information to
periodically reassess our decision to cooperate with the authorities to maintain the
ammunition log. We apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused and hope
that you will continue to be one of our many valued customers.

~Fred's Sports & Furniture

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